Here at Rhosneigr Holiday Lettings, we like to offer our guests something more than just a mini break or holiday. We’ve partnered with local businesses to be able to offer guests a range of offers, adventures, free activities and importantly a chance to explore Anglesey and North Wales in a unique, memorable way.

Special offers:

  • We’ve partnered with Aber Falls Distillery to offer guests the chance to win free distillery tour tickets! All bookings made in the month of July are automatically entered into the prize draw and a lucky winner will be chosen August 1st.

What we offer:

  • Three Types of Discounts:
    • Returning Customer Discount
    • Late Availability Discount
    • Multiple Week Discount
  • Free Golf at Anglesey Golf Club
    • When you book a break at either Minstrel Lodge or Cool Waves (ensure ‘free golf’ is ticked when booking)
  • Free Afternoon Tea for Two
    • When you book a break at Pen Y Bryn – booking ahead is essential for claiming your free afternoon tea
  • Discounted adventure trips with Gaia Adventures (Check out the adventures here)
  • 10% off all therapeutic massage treatments with Wendy at Relax at OneBody
    • To simply claim this offer, book in for a treatment and quote your booking reference to automatically get 10% off.


We are always looking for new businesses to partner with, so if you would like to know more please email [email protected]