Get to Know the People who Strive to Make Your Holiday as Perfect as Possible.

Jamie Miles

Role: Jamie is the Owner / Director

History: A former Royal Marine that fell in love with this beautiful island 20 years or so ago and decided that one day he would come and live here. So here he is, with his young family, operating a business that benefits from his steady hand and high standards.

Responsibilities: To ensure the team have everything they need to deliver a great holiday to our guests, meeting guests on arrival, growing the property portfolio and making the team smile!

Likes: Quality time with his young family, the mountains, wet and windy days on the beach.

Loves: The Isle of Anglesey and meeting new people.

Described in one word: Unique!

Debbie Perch

Role: Debbie is the Housekeeping Manager

History: Debbie served as a Naval Nurse for almost 2 decades before moving to Anglesey a few years ago. Well educated and a stickler for detail; hence overseeing our team of Housekeepers!

Responsibilities: To co-ordinate and supervise the large team of housekeepers, manage our linens and stores, be on call to all guests during their stay and ensure our holiday homes are prepared ready for guest arrival.

Likes: Anything purple, comfy clothes, wine and cooking.

Loves: Her family, socialising and our beautiful island.

Described in one word: Fantastic!

Heidi Laverty

Role: Heidi is the first Agency Assistant

History: Born and bred on the Isle of Anglesey, triple distinction in performing arts and graduated from Bangor University with a first class degree.

Responsibilities: Heidi is the smiling voice on the end of the phone, answering your questions, administering the bookings, advertising and taking care of our office.

Likes: Rhosneigr beach, Aberffraw beach and camper vans.

Loves: Her young family, the Isle of Anglesey, fitness and eating toasted marshmallows whilst watching our beautiful sunsets.

Described in one word: Fun!

Lisa Nield

Role: Lisa’s role is far too glamorous to have a title apparently (Jamie’s right hand (wo)man) for all interior design and amenities matters!

History: Lisa has been involved with property lettings and interior design for over 20 years. Originally from Manchester but settled on the island over a decade ago.

Responsibilities: Interior design, photography coordinator, shopping and staff training.

Likes: Colour, nooshy rugs and luxurious beds.

Loves: The feel of quality, her many dogs, her many children and Prosecco.

Described in one word: Fabulous!

Lucy Downend

Role: Lucy is the second Agency Assistant

History: Lucy was born in Manchester but has spent most of her life living on Anglesey. Daughter of our ‘fabulous’ Lisa! Lucy’s career background was Project Management prior to starting a family last year.

Responsibilities: Lucy is the other voice on the end of the phone, answering your questions, administering the bookings, advertising and taking care of our office.

Likes: Biscuits, the beach and her great Boss (apparently!)

Loves: Her family, chocolate and jogging (to the shops for milk buttons!)

Described in one word: Lovely!

Emma Cox

Role: Emma is the Digital Marketing Director.

History: Emma has worked in digital marketing for most of her working life and holds a Masters Degree. She was born in Warwickshire but has spent most of her life in Cheshire and most recently North Wales.

Responsibilities: To manage our social media networks, integration platforms and website. Be Jamie’s technical soundboard and data controller.

Likes: Cooking, baking, eating, and ginger nut biscuits.

Loves: Travelling, her fiancé, mountains and photography.

Described in one word: Delightful!

Lee Baker

Role: Lee is the Property Maintenance Coordinator.

History: Lee has been in the construction industry for 15 years, having previously served in the Royal Navy beforehand. Lee has recently relocated from Oxford to settle on Anglesey with his family.

Responsibilities: To coordinate all scheduled property maintenance, be on call for any little niggles in a property and coordinate any major works projects.

Likes: Fitness, flapjack, shooting and his new van.

Loves: His family, job and the beach.

Described in one word: Reliable!