Holiday Relaxation

When you think of your holiday, do you conjure images of relaxation? A nice drink in the sun, laying on the beach reading a book, or a nice family day out?

Well, why not take 30 minutes (or more) to yourself and indulge in a therapeutic massage whilst on holiday and really relax. We’ve partnered with Wendy at Relax at OneBody, to offer our guests a 10% discount on all treatments*.
Wendy is a qualified massage therapist, and her therapy room is located in Rhosneigr where you can book a relaxing or deep massage, Indian head massage or reflexology. So if you have aches and pains, overdone the watersports or just want to relax, there’s no better place. Make your holiday extra special and book today.
Relax at OneBody is part of One Body Personal Training where we strive to keep your one body in the best condition.

Here are some benefits of therapeutic massages:

  • It Is Relaxing– When the body is tense and under stress, it produces unhealthy levels of cortisol, which can contribute to many health issues such as; weight gain, sleeplessness, digestive problems, and headaches. Massages have been shown to decrease cortisol levels in the body, enabling the body to enter a ‘recovery mode’, triggering lasting feelings of relaxation, improved mood, and reduced stress levels.
  • It Reduces Stress– Massages are known to help with stress relief, but they can also boost energy levels and reduce pain.
  • It Can Help Lower Blood Pressure– Regular treatments have been found to reduce blood pressure levels, which can also reduce the risk of heart attack, stroke and other health issues.
  • It Promotes Muscle Relaxation– There are different types of massages, from therapeutic to sports massages but the purpose is to target the pain by eliminating tense muscles, increasing flexibility and providing relaxation to the muscles and body as a whole.
  • It Can Help Improve Circulation– Improved circulation is part of an ongoing effect that occurs in the body as a result of receiving regular massages. This is because proper circulation brings damaged, stiff, and tense muscles the rich blood supply they need to promote healing.
  • It Can Help Improve Posture– Most people experience back, neck, and muscle pain from a variety of sources, the primary cause of this pain results from poor posture. Therapeutic massage can help get the body back into proper alignment, it allows the body to position itself in its organic and pain-free posture.

For more information on the treatments available please visit Relax at OneBody.

*To book yourself in with Wendy and to get your 10% discount, simply quote your booking reference when you make your appointment.

For any further questions or to become a partner with Rhosneigr Holiday Lettings please email [email protected]